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City hands was established due to the needs of Aucklanders working and living in the city. Sharon recognised that people had to leave their offices and homes and travel for a hand therapy appointment. Therefore, we are located in the heart of the CBD. If you work or live in Auckland city, we are easy to access and can get you back to work/life with less time and traffic pressure! 


Who are we?

Sharon graduated in Physiotherapy from Auckland University of Technology in 2000, and since that time has worked primarily in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, with a focus on the hand and upper limb. 

Sharon began treating hands in 2003 and was intrigued by the array of conditions in the hand, but also in the very different skills required to be able to treat hands effectively.


After working in private practice in NZ, she then worked in the UK, before coming back to NZ in 2006.


Prior to opening City Hands in 2010, Sharon worked in a variety of hand therapy practices and completed a post-graduate certificate in Acupuncture at Auckland University of Technology. 

With years of experience, Sharon enjoys recognising what the hand/wrist needs and providing hand therapy during the differing stages of rehabilitation from injury. 

"City Hands is now is over 10 years old and it is an ongoing delight to get to know so many people in this fabulous city and a privilege to care for their injured hands."

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