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The most important role we have as hand therapists is to advise you about your condition, and help as your  rehabilitation progresses through the stages of healing.

This ‘help’ can take many forms, but includes therapy in order to control swelling, use of splinting and casting to provide immobilisation/partial mobilisation, exercise to glide tissues and strengthen muscles as well as other therapy such as advice on computer ergonomics and wound care.

Hand Therapists treat a wide variety of conditions including: arthritis, ganglion cysts, fractures of the hand and wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren's disease, de Quervain's tenosynovitis, trigger fingers and thumbs, tennis elbow, tendon repairs as well as many others.

If your condition is sufficiently severe or reaches a plateau with Hand Therapy, we have a close working relationship with Orthopaedic Hand Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons, and can refer on when appropriate.

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